Saving On Commutiong Costs

Transportation costs can add up more than you think. Costs such as fuel, maintenance, parking, insurance, and the actual purchasing of a vehicle can take up a large chunk of your pay. Here are some ways to reduce the amount of money transportation costs eat out of your pay-packet:

Use Public Transportation

Not only is this environmentally friendly, it can also help save a lot of money. Public transport is designed to help people spend less on travel and avoid overcrowding of our roads during peak hours. While public transport may not always be feasible or fast enough, do your best to try to use it at least a few times a week if possible.


Be sure to go through all of your available car insurances options before you pick one. Prices often vary and many companies offer discounts based on certain factors. Be sure to ask around and do your research to help find the best deal for your car.

Live Closer

When looking for work make it a priority if possible to find somewhere close to your workplace so you can cut down on your commuting costs and time. If your workplace is close enough, you can also consider walking there, thus completely removing any commute whilst also doing your bit for the environment at the same time.


Make sure your car is properly maintained at all times. Maintenance has a direct effect on the efficiency of your car. Poorly maintained vehicles use more fuel and are more prone to mechanical failure, thus increasing your running costs. Always try to complete the recommended routine checks on your vehicle as this will reduce the likelihood of costly problems arising.

Follow Traffic Rules

Rules are there for a reason. Traffic rules are in place for your own safety and that of others. So, follow them! This way, you’ll not only be doing your bit to make the roads a better and safer place but you will also avoid getting tickets and fines for breaking the law.

Rent Your Vehicle When Not In Use

There are now companies and websites available that can find many people willing to pay hourly to use your vehicle, so this is another cost saving option worth consideration if your vehicle is not in constant use.


If you know that some of your co-workers share a similar route, try carpooling. This way, you’ll all save a considerable amount of money on fuel and it might even help you get to know your colleagues better leading to better working relationships.

Work from Home

Many companies are now offering this option as these days it’s very easy to communicate and exchange information via various digital mediums. Working from home will not only eliminate your transportation costs but also make working very convenient.

By Hansa Malhotra