Same Day Courier, Getting The Right Vehicle?


Having a reliable and efficient same day courier company to call upon can be a great asset for many businesses that frequently need to either send or receive parcels and other cargo that needs to be delivered in a hurry. There are dosens of companies saturating the same day courier market so there should be no shortage of choice when it comes to selecting the company that fits your requirements best.

Once you have found a reliable service to take care of your urgent deliveries, another important factor that it pays to get right is making sure you select the correct vehicle for the delivery. Most courier companies usually have quite a range of vehicles to choose from, ordering the right one for each delivery can really cut costs, especially if you are sending several consignments per week.

Whenever possible you should accurately measure the items you are sending and work out what the total weight of your cargo is. If you can only give a rough description of the size and weight of the goods you need transporting, a good courier company will quite rightly err on the side of caution and send a vehicle that they know will comfortably be big enough. You may think well that sounds fine, as long as it fits, what’s the problem?

Well here’s the thing, I would say in my time as a same day courier driver that for upwards of 70% of all deliveries the wrong size vehicle is ordered. It is rare that too small a vehicle is requested and obviously this is a worse scenario than ordering a bigger vehicle than is necessary, but businesses are wasting large sums of money by not bothering to measure the goods they are sending, thus leading them to order a bigger vehicle than they actually need on numerous occasions.

It is quite a simple task to eliminate this financial inefficiency. First get a list of the sizes of the vehicles that your courier company operates, listing the cubic volume as well as overall measurements, along with the weight capacity for each class of vehicle. If your courier company cannot provide you with this then frankly you are using the wrong company.

Now you are armed with this information be certain to take the time to carefully calculate the dimensions and weight of your cargo, then check your results against your list of vehicle sizes, you will now be much better equipped to order the right vehicle for each delivery. You still need to be cautious and when in doubt it’s always better to opt for the vehicle next up in size, but following these pointers if you don’t already, will no doubt save your company money.